RIP, Kidpaddle.
I only played shinobi online once, but now the name will stick in my head for some very sad reasons. It is always sad to lose one of our number to disinterest or life issues but to lose someone permanently and suddenly is painful beyond what words can express. For whatever they are worth I give my best wishes to his friends, his family, and the BYOND community members who knew him personally.
I've worked with amir, Super cool dude. sad that Pokemon Atom never dropped :[
Rest in peace, Kidpaddle.
This hit home...Farewell long time friend, you were around during my beginning stages of designing & i was there for yours, like Goku & Vegeta, as Goku- you were always just a few steps ahead of me..

My humblest condolences to your family and your friends.

Rest in Peace, to one of the best developers in B.Y.O.N.D.
F Rest In Peace. May your soul linger wherever it desires.
rip, was a talented boy.
i still cant believe it...
Wow just got back from my break off byond to find this out, sigh Rest Easy Kid
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