Last night the BYOND forums learned that one of our own, Kidpaddle45, was tragically killed in a traffic accident three weeks ago while on vacation. More details can be found in the original forum post here.

Kidpaddle45 was a light to our community, a good guy and a good contributor. He made numerous libraries and interacted frequently and well with many of us. He was a great experimenter with BYOND's features, always looking to create special effects for his own projects and happy to share his techniques with others. In fact his work was so popular he asked me just recently to increase the bandwidth available for their downloads.

I hope that in the near future, others will take up his projects and see them to fruition, as they are able. His libraries and demos will of course remain on the site, and his Membership has been extended indefinitely as our way of keeping a candle lit in his honor.

Rest well, Kidpaddle45. You will be missed.
Sorry to hear.
something says this is bullshit hmm could be true nah
RIP! This guys work was great, sad to hear about what happened.
Rest in peace, buddy. You will be missed.
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Well what I know for sure is that others have confirmed the story to their satisfaction. Kidpaddle hasn't posted since July 4 and hasn't logged in since July 6. July 7 was the date of the accident.
I believe i heard his name somewhere, RIP, will be missed by some BYOND members.
nah if this is true then omg i liked him so much we had so many funny moments on discord why did this happen why
RIP Buddy.
An idea is when July 7th comes back around to change all instances on-site of the atom to his.

Also his topic should be moved from off-topic to on-topic imo.
RIP Kidpaddle, you will be missed my friend. Inspired me to work on my projects even more.
I didn't know him personally, everyone I've talked to says he was a great guy. Sorry for your loss, BYOND community.
I never met him, I never heard his named till now to be honest... But I do believe he was a good guy, so I'd like to apologize for our collective loss..
I really enjoyed working with him when I did. Rest in peace, KidPaddle.
Oh man. May KidPaddle Rest In Peace. Such a Tragedy. Apologies for Byond's loss and most of all, his family. Prayers are with them.
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