<3 will see you someday again.
rest in pixels my brother
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Kozuma3 wrote:
An idea is when July 7th comes back around to change all instances on-site of the atom to his.

Also his topic should be moved from off-topic to on-topic imo.

I support this. RIP kidpaddle, I never met you but you seemed like a nice guy
I come back to BYOND after almost a year and I learn that old kid is dead... Sorry guys. Hate that I missed being around here while he was still around. R.I.P Buddy.
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Dragnon20 wrote:

he was vexxen? thats a name I havnt heard in almost 10 years
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Ss4gogeta0 wrote:
Dragnon20 wrote:

he was vexxen? thats a name I havnt heard in almost 10 years

No... that is the list of people that wish to pay respect to him on this image.
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Mostly seems like people of Kaizoku.

this is my last convo with him
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Seems like a real good dude. He's got a great spirit. He's watching over us.
Her heart found the peace. RIP.

Yeah, Kid was definitely exceptional. He was a not only ambitious, and creative but he was one developer that actually work as hard if not harder than they dream. His meticulous efforts can been seen in his work. And should inspire us to strive for greatness.
Dang dang dang dangggggggggg, I was talking to him just a few days ago wth, no wonder he didn't respond on discord

And this was 3 weeks ago.. Dangggggggggggggggg I shoulda been nicer all I ever talked to him bout was code and he was one of the nicest byonders I knew... so much potential, not tryna be the jerk that gets sad because he won't be able to continue his work. More sad for his life being lost D:::

I will continue his legacy believe it
Never really met the guy. But Know this this man is watching over everyone that was close to him May he Rest in Peace and watch over the People he cared about.
I am very sorry to hear this. I hope his soul rests in piece. you will be missed.
He was a great contributor!

My condolences go out to his family and loved ones..
Rest in peace.
I can't believe this is real, I had a lot of fun times with him and he's a geninuely nice guy. Heartbreaking news to come back to see, I hope he rests in peace.
I'm saddened we were never able to finish Pokemon Atom together, but I'm absolutely heartbroken to hear of your passing...A very kind and Genuine Kid. RIP Mr. Hassan.
This is very sad indeed. BYOND won't be the same without Kidpaddle45. I hope that his work will continue to inspire us all.

May he rest in peace.
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