Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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So, it bugs me how hated hisagi shikai is. With that in mind here are my ideas to make it better (maybe).

1 - Change Hisagi attack:

Problem: One of the worst points of hisagi is how the "A" attack works, if u miss to land the hit your char gets stuck in place until he blade returns, gets worse if you (out of desperation) try to dodge an attack and use arrows, you will end up moving the blades even further away from you.

Idea/Fix: Change Hisagi blades to work on the same way of the Arrancar Chakram blades (Emilou Apacci Weapon). On a brief explanation, you trown them foward and move, the blade gets back to the character doing dmg if it hits anyone on the way back. This way the user will be free to dodge attacks if he dont land his.

2 - Hisagi Tech/Chain Bind:

Idea: Give hisagi a bind, we saw he using his chains to bind enemys several times on bleach so it would be canon tho.
It could be a simple projectile forward, if it hits the enemy gets chained in place, to make it fair the bind should come off after the enemy gets hit or break free by their own.
While binded the user could use kidous to hit the enemy or even a normal "A" attack (also canon).

Ps. if there are any doubts on my explanation just ask me here or in game, I will try to elaborate more.