Looking under this post, you can see that I made a post last week, stating this week was Halo's 5th Anniversary. I also stated some Big surprises would pop up, and believe me, they did!

That said, I have put ALL of the announcements into a word file, on my members page. Simply click and download the Halo3 text document on the page, and you can see what I'm talking about. MAJOR AWESOME-O- News for Halo Fans :).

Below, is a link, to the very first screen shot of Halo3's singleplayer. The Screen Shot shows off what the single player mode currently looks like. Bare in mind, its not finished, but, the multiplayer will be looking like this by the time the event in the word document happens. AnniversaryMCNewsweekLrg.jpg

*The video will be available online via the marketplace that day aswell.(See notepad)
Made a slight change.
I can't wait o_o.....
Demo! YAY!!!!
Halo 3 is going to pwn :D I played halo 2 online to much now >.> Cant wait for Numba 3 to come out :)