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I'm trying to make it so when a character logs in, they get a drop menu. I can get that to work, but there are times where I want the drop menu to be hidden. I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^.^

Setup for menu and sub menu:
winset(src, "Menu", "parent=menu;name=Menu")
winset(src, "forums", "parent=Menu;name=Forums;command=Forums")
winset(src, "hub", "parent=Menu;name=HUB;command=HUB")
winshow(src, "Menu", 0) //none of these worked
winshow(src, "menu.Menu", 0)
winset(src, "Menu", "is-visible=false")
winset(src, "menu.Menu", "is-visible=false")


winset(src, null, " = false")

where menu.Menu is the name of the window followed by the name of the actual element you wish to hide.
Doesn't appear to work.

The Kage drop menu is what I'm trying to hide
What's the ID of the kage menu?
I did some testing and it appears you can't hide those tabs. You can, however, use is-disabled = true to prevent it from being able to be clicked.

In your case it would be

winset(src, null, " = true")
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an alternative, is to assign the menu's parent to nothing
Ah rats. That's a bummer. Thanks for the help!
I tried that, it didn't seem to change anything. The menu was still there