SO after years of anticipation, the month is finally upon us! on August 21st, 2017 the entirety of North America will experience a solar eclipse. for a large swath of the country from California to South Carolina will have a total eclipse with a majority of the country getting a partial solar eclipse.

Click here for a map of the eclipse's path!

i, for one, will be driving a couple hours south to experience totality, and if you're not far from the center path then i highly encourage you to take the trip also! a total solar eclipse is breathtaking and an intensely surreal experience that few people get to experience. and no, a partial solar eclipse doesn't compare at all!

so who's excited? (:
I'll unfortunately be at work so I can't go see the full eclipse, although we are supposed to be over 90% here which isn't bad. Enjoy. Hope you can find somewhere that isn't too crowded...
get guder eye protection

or there will be a hell of a lot more blind people here.