To keep it flowing a bit better, I threw in 3 strips again. Fox finally meets Andross face-to-face, where they have a heart-to-heart followed by a hyphen-to-hyphen.

-Fun Facts-
*Again, another finger-waving joke. I don't know why, but I loved putting that back in every time I got the chance.

*Anyone who has worked at the Pizza Hut in Damascus, Maryland would agree that the restaurant is a crime against the fast good industry. Or at least their treatment of me was. *Tear*

*Brought back the pepperoni joke from the 4th page! I liked how what started as a series of nonsensical comments seemed to tie themselves together the farther in I went with this.

*There really wasn't anything left for me to exchange with Fox's "Yes!", and the Badauz bubble was too oddly-shaped to bother.

*Most of these 'facts' are commentary, and I should've called it such back when I started. *Two-Tear*

*Recently there was a problem with images being domain-banned. It turns out that Imagesocket made a mistake and banned the entire internet from viewing images, instead of just one person who uploaded 100s of adult images and drew in over 20 megabytes of bandwidth in a couple of hours. This should be fine now.
The "pepperoni" looks more like Cheese balls being hurled at andross... =P
Recolor 'em red. :P