Beware of the WEREDUDE!

by Flame Guardian
Beware of the WEREDUDE!
3v1 PvP Survival Sidescroller
Well, I had work today and fell asleep at the keyboard last night so today's patch isn't too meaty. We're scheduled to be running tests right now but are short one player, reading this around the time it was posted? Well you're in luck! We either are still waiting around for someone or you can hop right in and spectate who's getting eaten

As is tradition, tests will be running for the remainder of the evening. Join our discord( ) if you'd like to take part. We'll be standing around, doing handstands and whatnot in the meantime.

1. Weredude damage standing bumped up from 30 to 25-45.
2. Weredude damage on all fours bump up from 20 to X?
3. Weredude stun over doublde in length

World additions/adjustments
1. When a game is full, players can now join and spectate the game.
//Changes will need to be made eventually to prevent players from spectating a person's view the first 15 seconds of the game.
//Who is becoming the weredude shouldn't be revealed to spectators and remaining on that character to spectate also will be removed
//Please don't screen snipe in the meantime! <3
2. The announcer will now give updates on captures and eliminations.

New Items
1. Water gun - Weak knockback but spammable. Helps with lane control.

Bug fixes
1. The lighter/flower both can apply permenant damage numbers because they attack too fast.
The damage number handler has been replaced with maptext, the numbers however don't look flashy for the time being.
2. The announcer once again shouldn't tell us more then one thing at endgame.</3>