Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
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It'd be cool if people put they're ideas for minigames and events here so that its all consolidated into one place for developers...ok so I guess I'll start off.

Well a kind of minigame idea I had was that there could be a carnival area, doesn't have to be all that extensive just a few stands and such where players could go in and play games like balloon popping using elements and such or wack-a-mole. Basically the classic carnival games like that water gun shooting game only with all the different elements and such. Just a nice thought for a non-grinding/PvP alternative, and I'd assume there would be some type of money/point/prize system for the games.

Ok well then thats what I'm suggesting for now since I want to let others voice their ideas as well before I say anything more. Cheers :)
-A sort of labyrinth, where you must find the exit in a set time frame to win a prize. This would allow people to compete with others in a non hostile fashion, while also taxing the mind to remember areas once traveled.

Type: Single / Multiplayer
Difficulty: Novice, Adept, Expert, Nightmare

1: Those who do not abide by the Doll commands are eliminated
2: Those who move when the doll stops are eliminated.
3: Victory goes to the person that "bumps" into the doll.

Description: A doll will spin and travel in a given area, perhaps 10x10. It will spin and travel around until it stops and gives a command.

Ex: If it says "Soul Drive Stage 3!"
Everyone must turn on Soul Drive stage 3. If you don't do it or can't maintain it during the next time it stops, you're eliminated.
Ex: If it says "Turn left!"
Everyone must turn left, if you don't do it or are facing another direction when it stops, you're eliminated.

The goal would be to run into this doll while paying attention to when it may stop, as well as the commands it gives. This allows players who worked hard on their character to hold a long maintenance of Soul Drive stage 3 should the game be in a setting like "Nightmare", while also giving fair chances in other game modes.
In response to Kr
Nice, I like it, its innovative and new and would actually be a challenge. Plus it would be a good competitive event instead of an event that is mainly based on how long people trained.
@Kr,very creative idea, I like it. The game is similar to smimmon says with a twist, would definitely like to see it in.