Ninja Brawl

by Sasuk8
Supersmash Bros Mechanics + Naruto Characters = 100% success!
The game picked back up production we want to go farther BYOND what Kozuma3 intended for the original Brawl game. We intend for all characters to have there personal jutsus. We also have created 4 New Modes ; Tag, Freeze Tag, Ninja Exams, and Tournament. We are re-doing all hit boxes to make sure all projectiles and character hit boxes are correct. 1st Series Naruto Characters are currently about 50% done we made it up to Akatsuki members that appeared in 1st Series Naruto. There are also alternative costumes for your characters that may come with new moves or even an alteration of the old moves. Alternative Costumes and that sort will purchasable by in game currency so far.

We are looking for 2 new spriters to help us finish off 1st Series Characters and then start working on Shippuden Characters. Admin Position is the reward and other benefits can be discuss. Just leave your skype or discord here in the chat and I will get in contact with you.
And go...even further...BYOND!
"Please support the official release"
In response to Kozuma3