Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
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Most games usually focus on balancing PvP, and adding more moves. However what about mini-games, automated events, and things related to PvE aside from grinding?

To keep things flowing, I'm leaving just a few possible repeatable quests which can be generated from various NPC. It'll allow people something to do in the rare event no one is online, or not partaking in an Event or Mini-Game. Perhaps it may benefit Spirit Age in some shape or form!

Jail Break
Quest Giver: Ship Captain/Conductor
Dialogue: One of my men say you're a traveler. Would you like to make some coin on your journey? We had some [Any Animal] to deliver but they've escaped! If you can find them, catch them with this and return them to their cages, you'll be rewarded as agreed.
-Capture 10 [Any Animal] that opened their cages and have escaped the ship/train causing chaos!

Audacious Tyrant
Quest Giver: Village Chief/[Any authority figure]
Dialogue: I've seen you walking about and I didn't want to ask but can you perhaps help us? A [Boss Type] has taken residence near here and keeps destroying things! Please defeat it and restore the peace...
-Defeat the [Boss Type] which has been pestering villagers.

They who cried Wolf/Mongrel
Quest Giver: Anyone[Usually a villager]
Dialogue: Help! A mongrel/___ colored wolf just took my (item)and ran off!
-Find the (item) which was taken by a mongrel/___ colored wolf, and return it.

Guilty by Affiliation
Quest Giver: Scientist
Dialogue: You seem unburdened, an adventurer perhaps? Would you be so kind as to lend me your assistance? You see, a miserable [Any Animal] has been living in the area with a [Boss Type].

As you can see...this causes problems for the ecosystem. I want you to correct this conflict of nature, and restore order. If you perform this menial task, I will of course give recompense.
-Search for the [Any Animal] which has been ruining the ecosystem by living among [Boss Type] and restore natural order.
(Imagine a puff that thinks it's a Reks...)
I really do like these quest ideas, and that last one made ma laugh a bit. For the first one, how about making it so that you have the option to take it right before you're done with the tutorial? And instead of finding 10 animals, you have to find like, the statues, or something, that have been scattered all over the world. There could be 2 or 3 in every main dungeon in the game, and collecting them all and turning them into an NPC that's found in every main city would give you rare armor and weapons or something very rare.

The turn-in NPC can be found in every city, but if you talk to him without having each and every statue, or whatever it is you have to collect, he will only say "Leave me alone..."

When you talk to the turn-in NPC, the conversation will start.

NPC: ... Where did you find those?!
You: What?

NPC: Those [item]s!
You: Oh, these? Some crazy, old guy told me to find these for him. Said they hold some 'mystical power' in them, or somethin'.

NPC: Crazy, old... my father?!
You: ...

NPC: And if you thought he was so crazy, why did you even - forget it! Just hand them over!
You: Why should I? I worked so hard in looking for them, why should I give 'em to you?

NPC: Listen, kid... you have no idea what those things are... just hand 'em over, and I'll make it worth your while. Deal?
You: [Option to give him items, or to keep them}

If given, this happens before you hand them to him:

NPC: Thanks a lot... uhh...
You: What is it?

NPC: Well, you see... I don't really have anything to... give you...
You: Oh really? That's some nice armor you got there. Those weapons of yours look pretty good, too.

NPC: I would never give you my armor!
You: Well, then no [item]s for you... all this mystical goodness just for me!

NPC: Wait! ... Fine...
You: Yeah, I'm gonna need all your money, too.

NPC: What?!
You: Fine, no statues...

NPC: Okay, okay! Fine! Take my money, just give me those [item]s!

*Quest Completed!* You take his rare armor that boosts all of your stats in order from greatest stat given the greatest boost, to lowest stat given the lowest boost, and an increase in HP/MP. He also hands you his weapons, one of each available weapon in the game, and a considerable amount of money.

If you choose to keep the items:

NPC: What?! Fine, I'll just keep all my rare armor to myself!

You can revisit this NPC as many times as you want until you give him the items. After you do and try to talk to him, he'll just say "What more do you want?! Just leave me alone!"

Hey, this guy could be an optional boss lol. He uses the power of the sacred items to power himself up, but he'd be naked, in boxers, as you took all his items.
Of course, since the rewards are nothing to laugh about, finding these items would be pretty hard, having to go through secret entrances in dungeons, not shown on the map of course, having to do specific button inputs in order to open a door, maybe have a dungeon have a BUNCH of holes in them that cause immediate death, and only ONE of them holds the item inside, I don't know, but it's gotta be crazy.