Hello Readers. If you frequently follow these columns or the BYOND forums, chances are you'll be familiar with a developer by the key of Kidpaddle45, an active developer of many great games, projects, and resources found around BYOND. Unfortunately, he passed away in an untimely accident last month. May his soul rest in peace.

MakGam in a day is now underway! Super Saiyan X shares the details of the rapid game development challenge with a total of $275.00 in cash prizes distributed over the three highest scoring games. The challenge ends on August 16th, prior to which time developers need to choose a 24 hour period to create a full-fledged game resolving around three themes. Currently, seven developers have successfully submitted an entry, congratulations!


Filters are filtering into BYOND 512! Having enjoyed a staycation, Lummox JR fills us in on some of the details of how the appearance altering construct works. Blurs, outlines, drop shadows, blooms, and emboss should all be possible! Some of his progress on how to implement filters was the fallout of digging though the dark and spider-webbed corners of the compiler, learning and deciphering ancient Dan-code.


Flame Guardian started releasing patch notes this past week on Beware of the WEREDUDE! The 3 vs 1 survival game has seen a bunch of tweaks to stats and the addition of a barrel full of items. Wax keys open a door once, water guns annoy, honeycombs keep the group going, and the stepladder unlocks new areas. Weapons like the elephant gun, baseball bat, and... a flower can be used to hold back the Weredude, while a handful of jewelry can be earned by completing certain tasks.

Kumorii has been uploading short clips of Feed to Youtube while pushing though the survival shooter's development! Big bosses, monsters, explosions, guns, bullets, and smoke screens can all be expected in each and every feature!

Flick has been porting his arcade game, Flappalf in recent weeks. Penguins don't normally learn to fly, but when they do, they need licensed, and they need to complete obstacle courses to earn their license. A demo is currently out, try to collect coins and reach the end!

Exentriks Gaming shared another gif featuring Transcend, an adventure RPG. This time it appears he has come across a tribal enemy who throws spears in a battle arena surround by fire. A demo is in the works, but for the time being, check out his Twitter page for past updates.

Psiforged is an up and coming open-world RPG where players find themselves as a character with psionic energy, a god-like feature that with training, can unlock devastating skills to take down their enemies. Once the land is safe, players can hone their crafting skills to build a home and further their gear. But be warned, using psionic energy and technology can tax the world, potentially damaging it.

Tacticians now have 10 more spells added to their spell book, and humans have 3 new variations with the latest updates to Sigrogana Legend 2. Additionally, a new area, the Colossal Tower, is now open and ready to be explored. Dungeons have seen changes to size and functionality and on-screen text is now scalable.

Avidanimefan shares the latest enhancements to Kage: Rise of the Tengu. Players now go on the defensive in the pvp RPG game, with new ninpos that block, clone, and absorb incoming damage, just in time for the addition of enemies who are ready to go on the offense. Quests are in as on-screen elements, and a monument to Kidpaddle45 has been raised.

Zuhayr looks like he has been careless with fire or gunpowder in his latest screenshot of Antimonium, an interactive role playing game. The latest commit for the open sourced game show that event handling structures have been added throughout the game.

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gonna be honest psiforged actually looks dope, only just heard about that now. hopefully it's playable. Looks like a rare tasteful example of how you can be inspired by the dbz IP
good night :(
Too bad for him. rip