This thread is now a Continued Story Thread. I'll start.

Once there was a couple of dumb cats who stole video games..

k, now the next person continues the story.
Scene start:

Stacey dancing provocatively, hot, but doesn't know it.


This is me. I'm just dancing away, completely unaware of how my life was about to change.

Title card:

Three weeks earlier.
and then the dog died
GameMind wrote:
quit coming to the forums about it. all you're gonna do is attract beta male jerk circles like these who'll just flame the game you enjoy. It's sad but it's not much that can be done. The sociopaths most likely are the ones who cmd'd it to begin with. Take a look around on some threads it's all they do. Any anime related topic, same shitheads, same routine and to make it all good they have a sociopathic moderator to back them up Nadrew.

/unfollow because I just shook the nest of maggots.

I suggest you start utilizing the block button if you want decent responses.

you sound mad af bro
you sound mad af bro

Baird goes 0 to Kanye in 0.23 seconds. He only has one speed. Can't expect the man to bring it down to our level. He's the GOAT.

Well alright, I'll address all parties here. Since there was violence and toxicity on many side. On many sides.

In all seriousness - towards the people that initially replied in a hateful manner? Stop being dick-heads. He asked what happened to DU, he didn't ask for any advice on game choice. Seriously, peeps.

As for those getting mad what they perceive to be a negative stigma against anime/fan games?

Stop it.

The best way to stop that stigma is to avoid using ripped sources, and to stop churning out low-effort RP games {read:games meant to take advantage of the fact that most RPers just want a platform to type away, as opposed to game mechanics). If your idea of producing a quality product is 'Hey, lets get the new Sagas Source. Or the new Finale source code circulating' is proof of your worth to a site, that for all honesty is meant for hobbyist development. Then you need a reality check.

Most don't hate anime games because they're more popular (although envy is a factor). They hate them because MOST games are primarily awful. And there doesn't seem to be any overall improvement to the anime community as a whole - just an improvement (minor at that) in the access to rip sources they manage to obtain.

That's aside. We can do better. Just strive to be better. Don't settle for mediocrity just because the rest of the games are mediocre.
behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
I was trying to be funny, and quote the Trump.

Where's Lugia when you need him in this spicy meme thread?
In response to Oscuro Cosmo
Oscuro Cosmo wrote:
Dubious Game Studios wrote:
*ignores the universal fact of "stolen codebase"*

Dubious Game Studios wrote:
*ignores the universal fact of "stolen codebase"*

Oh gee willy nilly dilly Billy. No shit? Actually, is it really stolen at this point? Do you know how many years have passed? Sounds like to me you just like drama.

Oh so you're the typical weeb who's gotten turned out by the forum users and now you wanna be a tool like everybody else?

How to be a tool on BYOND

1. Join a shit chat.

2. Pretend you're lvl 100 with grammar and spelling.

3. Become a grammar Nazi.

4. Don't post until you see where the wave is going, yay or nay.

5. Convert to Orginalgameism.

6. Favorite a few original games like Nestalgia, and Teridal.

7. Don't get one medal on those said games to prove you're a tool.

There's no way you've played Incursion by Lummox jr and have Naruto GOA favorited.

I like this copypasta. Who's the original idiot that wrote it and thought it was a good idea?
i think it was from byond's ED page

edit: i was wrong
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