Project Cobra

by Flame Guardian
Project Cobra
Multiplayer Online Helicopter fun
Hey everyone!

"Project Cobra", a working title is a throwback to "Cobra Command" on the NES but with a twist, now you can play with friends! The idea was to have a living breathing world where players join forces alongside one another in helicopters/jets or ride together in one helicopter manning different stations.

Save hostages, blow up tanks or accept bounties to get $$$ and upgrade/buy new helicopters!

[Up, Down, Left, Right] - Move
[1-2] - Swap weapons if available
[space] - Shoot

Bottom of the Barrel: This theme is definitely hit in my opinion. I was going to make an ingame mechanic sell it by describing each helicopter before you bought them, but I can do the same.

Essentially all the helicopters wouldn't be pass safety tests and you're buying these under the table. One is HIGHLY flammable, another has no weaponry and the last is heavy, slow and rusted.

Back to Square one: The game is a rogue-like. When you die, you lose everything you have.

I was intended on having upgrades and making the initial lead up to your helicopter take time to really push the sense of losing your progress on death.

Big Fish in a Small Pond: [n/a] The game was intended to have a ton of upgrades, like a castlevania game, you'd eventually become a god-like entity able to roll through any enemy.

However the final boss battle would result in you losing, badly. The idea was that you were a big fish in the world you've seen of the game but not the universe.

The game was made for the GIAD 2017 competition, although wasn't fully fleshed out 27 hours into development. Key features missing include:

Gamepad Support: The laptop I borrowed from my neighbor would not work with my 360 controller no matter what I did. I'll implement this when I get my own computer again.

Sfx: I ended up putting the sound under "oview" rather then "view" in the end and so the giad version is much like a silent film ;(

Fun interactive enemies: Enemies didn't get fleshed out in time. The plan was to have roughly 5 normal units, 3 rare units and buildings for them to spawn from.

Upgrades: Spend hard earned $$ at the main base or secret base.

Hostages: Save NPC's from prisons for $$

Mini Missions: Random fetch quests to get $$

Area 2: There is a secret area, it's not accessible atm.

The Boss: The final boss battle was meant to set the scale of the universe, making your now god-like helicopter feel like a "big fish in a small pond" when the boss ultimately wrecks you.

-Additions post GIAD Branch-

* Hostile AI

* Area 2 added. Can you find it?

* Two bosses... ..of sorts.

* Temp Upgrade System

* Ships can be repaired at bases

* Music(chops out after combat.. bugged).

* Bug fixes(sfx, spawning)

Next to come: Area 2, hostage rescue, chopper select & ship upgrades/repairs at bases.


This game is intended to be a Rogue-like MORPG. Getting a helicopter isn't easy, let alone a good one. Player interaction will be promoted by the dynamic world and teaming up will be need to complete many encounters/rare bosses.

Players spawn into the game as hostages in random prisons. Gameplay within buildings will play similar to the nes game Hudson Hawk.

Whenever a player in a helicopter dies or new players connect to the world, all helicopters will be notified of their hostage status. If a player hostage is rescued, the rescuer gets rewarded greatly. Also, players can escape prisons on their own or by being saved.

Living World
*AI no longer spawn themselves, but instead Bases spawn in AI. Bases also will re spawn in a new area

*AI invade Player Bases, occasionally with a rare boss.

*Player Bases can be upgraded. Individual buildings can be purchased and outbid by one another. Players can then invest to change the tier and type of building.

*Areas unlocked by world events/server progression.

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Music by Sirkoto51. Volume changed by Project Cobra developer.