The After Zone

by Shiomo
The After Zone
Sci-fi meets fantasy in this post-apocolyptic roleplaying game. What story will you leave?
Welcome to The After Zone, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi meets fantasy realm. Hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, it's said that the world was a land of science and technology, a world where thoughts could give life to new inventions, and even the stars were in our reach.

Nobody knows what happened to that once dream-like world. A great travesty shook the earth and changed the creatures on its surface, until the once dominant species known as 'hoomins' were nothing but a memory that only the oldest of races can barely recall.

For awhile, we lived scattered, until a sudden grand-scale quake forced all into hiding. Those that survived built from the further ruined remains a small town. The last settlement where multiple species seek to make a life. Though some call this town 'Illrique', most have come to know the land as a whole simply as what remains....

Admins are more than just an ooc thing. Known as The Council, they hold a special place in IC lore as well. Keep an eye out for these strange appearances!

Roleplay to grow stronger, and grow your skills. The world changes with you, as you grow, learn, and expand in this community driven game!

Currently in closed alpha. Here's a perma link to the discord so you can keep up with all things TAZ related, and maybe even catch a spot as they open: