With Andross defeated, and the entire Star Fox team conveniently not remembering to pick up the pizzas, the Lylat System is safe once again!

-Fun Facts-
*Geek Squad, AKA those guys at Best Buy.

*Corne'riaa'n army was a last-minute jab that came to mind as I was typing the name. It fit with the "RIAA bought out the Cornerian army" comment a couple of days back.

*The font for "if deep space had sunsets" is so abnormally large because I couldn't think of anything to write and needed to fill up space.

*The Nintendo DS line was the first joke I thought up in this entire series.

*"Playing with power" was an old Nintendo catchphrase that came about (I think) before the Super Nintendo came out. You can find the line all over the place in older Nintendo Power magazines.

*You start with 3 lives in Star Fox 64, and every 100 points would net you another life. 2000 / 100 = 20 extra lives, for a total of 23 if you didn't pick up spare ones throughout the game. In the game, that slip of paper is a bill and if you earn enough points, General Pepper screams "What???" after the credits.

I had this entire thing, completed, sitting on my hard drive for nearly a month before I bit the bullet and started putting them up. Anyway, I hope some of you enjoyed following along with this! I know I had fun (periodically) doing the rewrites.

And for a special treat, anybody who would like to see the untranslated German versions of this entire series can download it now in a single Zip file here.