Smooth Tile Movement

by Woo
Smooth, beautiful tile-based movement. Perfect for classic RPGs. Includes a variable for an alternate speed when holding Shift.
Smooth Tile Movement v 2.1
By Tyruswoo

Smooth, beautiful tile-based movement. Perfect for classic RPGs!

Now the kids can't say they missed church because a stranger stuck to them like glue! They'll continue their move route as soon as the obstacle is gone.

Bug fix:
Improved handling of mob collisions when two mobs attempt to enter the same tile at the same moment. This fixes a bug where mobs sometimes got stuck when two mobs tried to enter the same tile simultaneously (i.e. from opposite directions). Now, if mobs (or players) begin to enter a tile that appears to not have anything dense inside, but another dense atom enters at the same moment and there is a dense atom there, after all, then the mob (or player) returns to the tile which it was just leaving.

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Tile movement created on pixel move? liked it
Thanks! It's a little different to use pixel movement instead of gliding, but so far I've found it advantageous!
Dang... I have always wanted to make a classic RPG. This is really nice.
I've been working on getting a basic windows system working, for chatting with townspeople. So far, so good!

In response to Woo
Woo wrote:
I've been working on getting a basic windows system working, for chatting with townspeople. So far, so good!

Very nice! I just might be able to make this real (mock-up):

It's just, I can't program at all... You could almost make a framework for retro RPG's. Ha!

Does the text print out letter by letter?

Edit: I just looked at your hub. You are now one of my favorite developers because of your 8-bit projects.
That is some pretty nice art! I definitely thought it was from actual gameplay!

Thanks for the printing text letter-by-letter suggestion! It isn't doing that, yet, but I'll see what it takes to add that in! I was just considering ways to improve the text wrapping (i.e. what if there is more text than fits in a text box? etc), so this is good input for the stage of creation I'm currently at.

Thanks for the compliment on my projects! Lost Legends is a pretty old one, now, but it has charm, challenge, and secrets to find if you can get past the BYOND 2.0 style graphics and interface. It is free to play, so that's good! :)

So yeah, I'm pretty interested in getting a retro RPG framework together that takes advantage of what BYOND 5.0 has to offer--which is a lot more than BYOND 2.0 had when I started working on Lost Legends! I don't think we even had pixel movement back then, not to mention no way to modify the interface; could we even make rectangular view sizes? I'm not even sure. But somehow Lost Legends had turn based battles! And those were the days when Silk Wizard's Proelium had nonstop battles daily. Good times! But yeah, with BYOND 5.0, we could get a lot of great new retro RPGs, with easy to use libraries available! Which reminds me, I've been dying to record a playthrough of IainPeregrine's Regressia for my YouTube channel, but I left my microphone when I came out for my new job--mostly on purpose so I could concentrate on making a living. But anyway, retro RPGs are the best! :D