Hello Readers! Summer vacations are beginning to come to a close and youth are returning to their structured five day school schedules, county and state fairs and running and coming to a close, and I'm hoping for temperatures to remain above 40F at least until December (and below 80F). Now let's check out the cool things happening around BYOND.

Super Saiyan X's MakGam in a Day developer's challenge has come to a close with 13 great entries being received. Judgment has not yet been issued, but the team of analyzers has been making progress to determine who will stake claims to the $275 prize pot. While waiting for them to pen down their thoughts, why not form a few of your own by checking out the impressive entries created in less than 24 hours? A round of applause to developers who were able to complete the challenge!


Outlines and blurs seem to be the common reaction to BYOND Developer Lummox JR's most recent news columns, which is ironic as they don't involve outlines and are pretty clear. However, the excitement is about the much anticipated filters, which will allow for interesting graphical effects in BYOND 512. More recent developments have overshadowed (or perhaps, more fittingly, undershadowed) filters, with the announcement of the addition of operator overloading, syntactic sugar allowing developers to redefine operators in their own way.


Woo has begun the revival of one of his classic creations, Space Blast! The original version is free-to-play, as it has been for nearly 15 years. Version 2.0 of the deep space survival game is available for $3.00, and features the remains of a devastated station. Players are challenged to rebuild by salvaging materials from asteroids and the surrounding area while taking out the aliens who wreaked it.

Big things are coming from Manio's latest creation Monstrous. Really big things. Dinosaur-sized creatures called Kaijus have found their way into Japan, and it up to the humans to survive, avoid, and evacuate the area as soon as possible! To make matters direr, more than one Kaijus may be around, and when gods are at war, stay clear of their battleground!

Kumorii has been keeping up with the regular Devclips of Feed, and he's up to #11! A full devlog isn't ready for sharing yet, but in the mean-time the scoreboard has been wiped clean, and there are currently eight feeders to one-up. Once you've mastered all of the maps, check out the Feed Team's offer to create new ones!

Pixel realms has embarked on the creation of Spires of Agartha, with a plot taking place 300 years after the events in Eternia: Roleplay. The hardcore sandbox game promotes roleplaying, crafting, lore creation, and city building. Get caught up on the highlights with the game's backstory while waiting for release set for sometime over the next two months. If you really want the latest on the game as its ready, jump into their discord.

Kozuma3 has begun a new project called Infernus. The game runs as a hybrid between turn-based action planning and real-time action movements on a board that shares an appearance with chess. The game is in an early stage, but players can move around and attack AI strawmen.

Hundreds of years after the apocalypse, devastating decades of futuristic advancements, the aptly slurred hoomins find themselves on the break of extinction. Their last place of refuge is named Illrique, but is know in laymen's terms as The After Zone. The survival roleplaying game is currently in closed Alpha, with early access contact information available on the hub page.

BYOND Resources

  • Lilius has brought some great new furniture graphics to the table... or rather, the floor.
  • Deviant Coder has created a library to help developers map their interfaces to game controllers.
  • Add effects to your game with Ter13's EffectLib, documented here and in detail in his latest Snippet Sunday. Bring lunch though; it's a good and long one!
  • Walk this way! Or rather, try walking Woo's smooth tile movement way.
  • Jordan11 cleaned up his computer, found this base model, and is now giving it away for free.
  • Need more Yut Put has released his amalgam of code used in many of his popular projects. He calls it the Sigma Engine for personal reasons.
  • Keep bounds in check with Unwanted4Murder's Bounds Scale.
  • Keep your loops in line using a trick with args, Ter13 argues the pros of doing so.
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