Hi guys I really need some help here, I'm in the process of making a sao game(sword art online) but I don't know how to code or icon so I'm having a few friends help me out but here's the problem, as you all must know making a game is very expensive and also time consuming(definitely in a 3 man team) these guys are working their but off for me lol and unless you can pull your own weight your kind of in deep shit, I want this game to be epic! I've been trying to read guides...hate reading so its really hard to concentrate lol so they aren't very helpful, I've also been trying to find videos but have had no luck, so what I'm asking is if someone can take some time out of their busy day(I know its a lot to ask) to spend some time showing me how to do this I would truly be grateful

p.s I'm illiterate af so you might not understand what I'm saying lol just bear with me pls
hate reading

I'm illiterate af

You are fucked as long as you let those things be personality traits.

Google "successful illiterate programmers".

You won't find a single relevant result.
I have to be honest, it really just sounds like you want to skirt by, not just by having your friends do the work, but you don't even have the drive to learn for yourself.

The whole reason the resources for learning exists is because this isn't a tutoring center; people can't sit down and individually teach everyone that wants to learn.

I know that probably comes off as a bit harsh and if you do find someone to help then that's great, just..don't get your hopes up. (I wouldn't want to teach someone that wouldn't even bother to try for themself.)
What your both saying is very true I've tried, I probably gave up a little too fast, in the beginning of me trying to learn I got frustrated because it was a lot more harder then I originally thought, for me I'm more of a hands on learner and I get seriously annoyed when I don't understand what something means. but on the other hand I'm doing this because I don't want them doing all the work and honestly it wont feel like my game if I do
As far as learning hands on, I would say look at a source and goof around with it; there are several Demos and such in the developer section that you could mess around with, then look at the tutorials to fill in the blanks for what you are trying to do.

I know some people will disagree with me on that because you may pick up bad habits, however I know many people have started out that way and it's also how I got my rudimentary understanding of working in DM.
Join pieces, learn parts and soon you will know everything and putting together all the possibilities of combinations will be enormous. Learn from yourself
It doesn't sound like "your" game in the first place... it's not an original idea so you can't claim to be the creative behind it and if other people are contributing more effort and its a group then surely a mentality of its our game would be better =/. Byond has an insane amount of resources available that can help you grasp the basics of dream maker. just look in the resource section of the help files. If you like learning hands on then download some libraries and demos then break then down to see how they tick.
Cut him some slack guys, its never easy trying something new and staying dedicated to it, but if you cannot pick up the habit then you probably won't advance. 8^)