by Ter13
Handle generic temporary combat effects efficiently and cleanly
A minor update to EffectLib was released today, EffectLib 2.2 is now stable and undergoing testing.

  • effect.Add() will no longer spit out bizarre runtime errors (byond bug)
  • Ticker/Timer functions should not wind up in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed an issue where Ticked() was declared with the wrong argument structure (Dajinomight)

  • Complete overhaul to Add() and Remove()'s behavior. All code has been removed from Added() and Removed() and more sensibly placed in Add()/Remove()
  • Slight overhaul to how Expired() and Canceled() work. Removal of the effects is no longer guaranteed.
  • Canceled() no longer has default behavior. effect/Canceled()'s old behavior has been redirected to effect/Cancel()

  • effect/Overridden()'s documentation had some typos (Kozuma3)
  • effect/Ticked()'s documentation did not correctly list the arguments available... sorta (Dajinomight)
  • effect/Canceled()'s documentation was updated, and multiple errors were fixed.

Feature requests are encouraged. I'll also be posting things that I have written using it to sort of better demonstrate the potential uses of these lil' dataduders.