replacetext("[C.alien_whitelist]", "[]", "")

Problem description:
Dream Maker spits out a warning on the replacetext function, I believe I am using it correctly, yet it doesn't seem to be willing to work. replacetextEx also didn't.

I already tried to turn the arguments into strings, rather than vars (which are already strings) to see if it would make a difference, but I am unsure why it isn't doing what its supposed to be doing. Any help?
replacetext() returns the resulting string. You're not using the return value at all. Passing a var to a proc only passes the value contained by the var, not the var itself.

Maybe you wanted to do this instead?
C.alien_whitelist = replacetext(C.alien_whitelist,, "")

I get the feeling you're using a single string as a list of strings instead of an actual list of strings...