Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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While I can see why wiping someone who logs out to hide the hougyoku can be reasonable but, with the current random crashes the game gets, it kinda make it hard to not get wiped since you never really see the crash coming.

My suggestion is to make the hougyoku's location be announced to the world after someone logs out with it in their inventory.

If that's difficult to do then maybe add a verb in every player's inventory to find it. the verb would simply tell that person where the hougyoku is by it's coordinates.

If both of those seem like bad ideas maybe just having it spawn where it started could solve the issue of someone logging out with it
Getting wiped from logging out from the Hougyoku actually stems from people trying to abuse systems that are integral to the game, rather than simply hiding the Hougyoku. I'm not actually concerned with the Hougyoku being hidden.

Also the punishment is so radical not because I really feel that its warranted, but more because the Hougyoku is actually the most complex AI in the game, and was created with a bitter "personality".

In response to the random crashes I will tone down the chances of this occurring, but its not something that can really be removed.
DragonWingRayne resolved issue