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Compile Error:
_maps\map_files\generic\CentCom.dmm:5:error: expected )

Map File (Lines 1-26):
"aa" = (/turf/open/space/basic,/area/space)
"ab" = (/turf/closed/indestructible/riveted,/area/space)
"ac" = (/obj/structure/window/reinforced,/turf/closed/indestructible/riveted,/area/space)
"ad" = (/turf/open/space,/area/space)
"ae" = (,/turf/closed/indestructible/riveted,/area/space)
"af" = (/turf/open/floor/holofloor/snow,/area/holodeck/rec_center/winterwonderland)
"ag" = (,,/turf/closed/indestructible/riveted,/area/space)
"ah" = (/obj/structure/foamedmetal,,/turf/open/floor/holofloor/asteroid,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker)
"ai" = (/obj/structure/foamedmetal,,/turf/open/floor/holofloor/asteroid,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker)
"aj" = (/turf/open/floor/holofloor/asteroid,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker)
"ak" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker)
"al" = (/obj/structure/table,,,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker)
"am" = (,,,/area/holodeck/rec_center/lounge)
"an" = (/obj/structure/closet/crate/bin,,/area/holodeck/rec_center/lounge)
"ao" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/lounge)
"ap" = (/obj/structure/table/wood,,,/area/holodeck/rec_center/lounge)
"aq" = (/turf/open/floor/holofloor/plating,/area/holodeck/rec_center/wildlife)
"ar" = (/turf/open/floor/holofloor/plating,/area/holodeck/rec_center/offline)
"as" = (/turf/open/floor/holofloor/plating/burnmix,/area/holodeck/rec_center/burn)
"at" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/court)
"au" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/court)
"av" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/court)
"aw" = (,/turf/closed/indestructible/riveted,/area/space)
"ax" = (/obj/structure/flora/bush,/turf/open/floor/holofloor/snow,/area/holodeck/rec_center/winterwonderland)
"ay" = (/obj/effect/holodeck_effect/mobspawner/penguin,/obj/effect/holodeck_effect/mobspawner/penguin,,,,/turf/open/floor/holofloor/snow,/area/holodeck/rec_center/winterwonderland)
"az" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker)

It's giving me no other errors, and it returns the same line 5 error, even if I add an extra ) to the end.
Is this in script file (.dms) ? =O
tag var ? " "az" = (,/area/holodeck/rec_center/bunker) "
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What do you mean? I haven't touched anything with the holodeck, that should work fine.
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Alright, so, I'm here to just say, that Byond's compiler is shit.

I wrote a program to go through and remove all the duplicate Defs in the map file and replace them on the map blueprint section. I successfully uncorrupted the tile to the point where I could load it into DreamMaker. I was then greeted with half of my map missing, and large sections of it simply replaced with blank tiles. To verify it was the compiler and not my program, I went into the original corrupted file and found the tiles that were damaged.

Thanks Byond.
was a bug in the dmf file? easy to bypass. Look at build > preferences - If still bugar it easy put it there

I believe that this is not a priority for updates version. Sometimes it would be better to have some more appeal than this case

Register here, of course this will be seen and added to the "buffer":

Do not search for facilities, look for what you can do with

The compiler understands various forms of writing. with "{" or without. with ";" or without

Even though I do not want to be the best (best compiler), I have not found better until today
Best response
Here's the big question: Why in the world are those blank items appearing in your lists? You should never see a comma with nothing at all to go with it. That's indicative of a turf having been removed in some way, so that when the compiler tried to save the map, it had no type path to give to that turf. It could also theoretically point to some other corruption event having happened.

To be clear, the compiler didn't cause any further damage to your map after you made the corrections; it was obviously corrupted in a single event that happened earlier.

As to why the map got corrupted in the first place, I honestly couldn't say. That's something that would have to be replicated and investigated properly. Sometimes bugs do happen, and with a large project like SS13 it's more common than in a smaller project.

At least you have the benefit of other SS13 codebases that you can use to fill in the damaged tiles, by comparing their maps to yours.
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Klogaum, this is about a map file, a .dmm--not a .dms or .dmf.

The compiler had some kind of nasty hiccup at some point apparently, and it caused damage to his map file.
A bit late, but for future reference:

Create multiple DMM files. Large DMM files can tend to get corrupted. Create a different DMM file for each Z layer on the map if your maps are fairly complex and/or large. If the DMM file gets corrupted, you won't lose the whole map. A project that compiles with multiple DMM files will include them as multiple Z layers. All Z layers will have the same dimensions as the largest map.
-- Source: Snippet Sunday #14: Map editor cheatsheet