I made this thread so any fans of the show could discuss the newest season of American Horror Story, Cult, which centers heavily on the tense political climate the USA has found itself in from 2016 to present.


Season 7 premiered two nights ago, and I have to say it's among the best opening episodes yet. I absolutely love that they brought back Twisty from Freak Show as he's among my favorite television characters ever, and Freak Show was also my favorite season of AHS, largely in part due to Twisty.

I'm also glad to see that the writers are being very fair and lampooning both extreme sides of the political spectrum, and not just singling out Trump and his supporters. I was skeptical about how biased they'd be but they've proven so far that the show can very gracefully dance on the fine line between the two.

I'm eager to discuss more, but I'll wait to see if anyone else joins in. All in all, I'm very impressed and excited to see more. It's not Fall unless there's new American Horror Story and spoopy things to watch ( who else is gonna see 'It'? ).

So who else is a fan of the series?

American Horror Story aires on FX every Tuesday at 10:00pm EST
I'm seeing IT on Saturday, and this after I catch up on last season my man.
Seeing IT this weekend too, looks so good!
In case i didn't mention it, I'll be keeping this thread going throughout the season most likely!

Episode 2 of Season 7 premieres tonight in approximately one hour!

Hopefully we'll get some questions answered regarding the clowns and if we're lucky maybe another Twisty scene! Episode one definitely set things up for a wild ride of a season, but we still have no clue what direction things are going to take off!

Anybody else watching tonight? :p