Hello readers! I'm not sure why, but it feels like an eternity since the last Within BYOND (To be fair, this one fell three weeks apart, as opposed to the typical two weeks), and completely slipped my mind today, so my apologies for any news I may have missed in my rush to release this column late. My best wishes to any BYONDers that were affected by the hurricane outbreak of the past two weeks. So without further delay, let's see what developers have been brewing:


The weather is getting colder, and BYOND Developer Lummox JR is buttoning up some loose ends on the new beta build of BYOND, which can only mean that 512 is getting closer to it's first testing release! Filters, operator overloading, screen offsets, and visual contents have all been mentioned by name throughout the last three weeks of Development News.


Topdown Showdown has been released on Steam as an early access game available for $5! Yut Put's platform fighting game features a roster of 16 characters, a 30 chapter single player mode, and multiplayer battles, where events like the weekly community tournament take place. Join their Discord for updates and community stuff!

Taint_thewizard kicked out some last moment updates for Avalon prior to being swept away to the lands of academia. Gender choices, visible equipment, and elements top the list. Alerts and verbs have been cut from the RPG, pushing for a more seamless gaming experience.

After taking a moment to ponder and discuss his reasons for making Everheart a MUD, Gambrinus shared his progress on the text based game. Combat, loot, quests, abilities and all of the other RPG staples are ready to go, with some extras, such as room instancing and dynamic content creating. So with key systems out of the way, game creation begins, with closed testing on the horizon.

Pixel Realm's Spires of Agartha is pushing for a release in the upcoming month or two, so take a moment to get read up on the role-playing game's lore and world at their wiki! Updates are posted on their Discord, so join to keep up with the latest.

One if by land, and two if by sea, the kaiju are coming! That's the fear in Manio's Monstrous, a round-based survival game. Details on the four oversized devastating monsters has been released, the power generator can be refilled, evac can be called, and clothing can (and should) be changed.

It may just look like a series of red and gray dots connected by lines, but it is actually the underlying basis of Lummox JR's puzzle generating algorithm. It's intended to produce key and lock (or its variant) style dungeon crawler puzzles. Will we see Runt 2.0 in the future?

Beware of the Weredude this Halloween! Flame Guardian is back to developing the game, and the Weredude is no longer limited to a wolf, but a series of six mammals! Just like the Weredude is changing form, so can the survivors, with a series of skins they can choose from. Information on the Barrista's and the Professor's skill set has been published, and the alternating intermittent flood lights give me the creeps.

Azusa: The Olympians War is moving swiftly into Beta 0.4.0. Combat features have been enhanced, with elemental alignments being introduced, but in an untraditional manner. Choosing to use equipment that conflicts with your alignment results in no elemental skill gain. Other changes include new maps, fixed PVP arenas, and a new roleplaying perk system. Good luck with your new generation!

Kumorii is making preparations for the birthday cake of Feed, celebrating 7 years since the game's birth in a few months. But before that happens, the game still has some growing up to do, and now features three classes, each with their own abilities. Spawning mechanics are a bit out of sight, new items, enemies, and interface elements are added. A big event is coming up next month, so stay tuned!

Techno Ghetto is a new survival game by Ultimate 2016, which depicts a world where basic human rights are no longer in play. Under the president's policies, the future has become bleak for anyone not of upper class. Players are challenged to escape from jail, join the resistance, and save the future.

Bandock has officially retired Text City Simulator in favor of the development of its sequel, Text City Simulator: The Next Generation. Let's the foretelling of sequel names begin!

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Always a fan of reading these, thanks for the mention Hitogen.
early access is cancer.
Hi, New to Byond, Will there be any optimizations for the game engine to help with ss13?
A lot of SS13's problems are with the game's source code.

BYOND has received numerous optimizations and performance enhancements over the last year (many on behalf of SS13!), however the only way SS13 is ever going to truly perform as well as it could(and should!) is with a total remake.
is with a total remake.

Which is cursed.
Thanks for the shout out to Everheart! Planning to do some closed testing Friday to Sunday. I will post for volunteers on the game's forum.
In response to Kumorii

No it's not.

SS13 is terrible internally yes, but server CPU hasn't been an issue for years.

DS being a worthless dumpster fire that's the real issue.
If i can make Feed run a well as it does, there's no reason ss13 couldn't run twice as well.

Until SS13 gets a rewrite it will not come close to it's full potential. I'm not talking down on SS13 but you're putting the blame in the wrong place with ss13. It is a popular but terrible example of what BYOND can do.
What defines "run well" here? And can I get an example of what a "good" BYOND game is like, to compare?
ss13 is garbage im banned on almost every server
just let me kill people in peace
In response to Mickemoose
Mickemoose wrote:
ss13 is garbage im banned on almost every server
just let me kill people in peace

You should try wearing shoes. If you don't put on shoes, they don't let you kill people.

Here's a rough guide for how to put on shoes in SS13:

1) Double-click on the shoes to get them into your hands.

2) Double-click on yourself to try to put them on. This will fail and you will hit yourself in the head multiple times.

3) Try swapping target to your feet.

4) Double-click on yourself. This doesn't work. Resulting contusion in your foot causes you to pass out.

5) Wake up as a robot.

6) Attempt to locate your lost pair of shoes.

7) Get detained by security.

8) Deal with the uncomfortable RP gangrape by the security staff.

9) Delete the incident from your memory banks.

10) Ask for a pair of shoes and a jumpsuit.

11) Get told to stop resisting and tazed repeatedly.

12) Break out of prison.

13) Attempt to steal shoes.

14) Get banned from the server.

15) Nobody figures out how to put on shoes.

Results will vary.
In response to Ter13
Sounds like a feature to me.