Dragonball Generations

by BossLvl
Dragonball Generations
Become a super hero or villain! Create an origin for yourself and enjoy life in this building/survival game!
Generations is about becoming your character and submerging yourself in a life that results from thrilling RP. Explore through various lands as a person or creature!

Everything about life is included. Eat to survive and exercise to grow stronger. Adventure and explore alongside your comrades or watch your back around your most fearsome enemies.

Regardless of what you decide to do you're sure to enjoy this game!

Join now to get started!!
This game is gonna be so fun ^^ I've always wanted a platform for us furries to play on. I can't wait
i dont believe itO.o
is this liens doing or did he sell it off? O.o'
Wooooooooo..... I can't tell u guys how excited I am that someone had brought this game back thank heavens this game is hands-down the best RPG anime base game on Byond and and if anyone would like to adventure with me on this amazing game my name and s H8ted . Great game worth every bit of your time and maybe even donation
Liens didn't sell it off. Someone copy right claimed the original, and someone leaked code so.
I cant believe it hell yeah im so happy this is coming back
The beta testing is up if you'd like to join in and rp :D
Any idea when it will be back up?
It's up right now. We need people to help us knock a few MINOR kinks out of the system, but most of all we need everyone's attention. So stop on in if you have time.

The game just went live again with a new huge set of updates!
I'm happy to see this making a comeback, even in an incomplete state.
Is there anything we can do to help out? Will it be open source so people can help with code, or if not, would you like a bug list? Or is just populating the game as much as we can do?

Also, to the people I met earlier who were starving: The shopkeeper statues totally work. I'm not sure how to actually make enough money to use them yet, but spending my initial savings seemed to get enough food to last me a bit.
I'm currently trying to save up enough by selling one wood at a time that I can buy a coffee. See if that works to make me stop passing out.
At the moment we work on bugs alot. If you'd like to join the discord for the group you can do so here


The number 1 thing you can do to help us is populating the game and this community as much as possible.

We've spent 300 in paying coders this week alone, so as far as bugs and updates we're pretty much on top of it, but having good intentions at our side never hurts :D
All right.
Though, populating it maybe difficult in the near future, as I've run into some kind of complete freeze of all my character's verbs. I can't use the camp/uncamp trick to unstick myself, as even that is stuck. I'll check in periodically to see if I can do things again.
Yes i know there are quite a few bugs that remain in the imminent path of our's but still it helps if we can get you to log in. We've hired a few extra members to assist in staff matters so that players aren't stuck alone in those scenarios.
Byondpanel is a scam and byond forums are trying to protect him. Not only did I receive multiple complaints from byondpanel's ONLY representative/worker 'DAN WOODS' expressing his frustration at my notifying others of his scamming but I'll be posting screenshots of byondforum staff defending him about stealing multiple people's money.
Screenshots will be posted soon. Showing multiple forms of proof/evidence at the widescale scam being committed by mr Daniel Woods
Is this still a thing, or was it downed again?
The third option is to ban your sorry butthurt ass from this discussion which is what'll be the next stage in your punishment aside from crankiness and being stroked without any lubrication. I hear spit works really well though so pardon me while we keep spitting in your butt.

Accept it.. this is our game. It'll always be our game and the sooner you can live with the reality of it instead of trying to make your own to satisfy your own frustrated the better off you'll be you forum stalking moron.

Your blocked now btw.. enjoy your salt with this meat.

Thaaank Yooou ^_^

Now that the vermin is disposed of.. we can continue winning ^_^

Back to originally scheduled programming.
Can i be gm pls
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