Dragonball Generations

by BossLvl
Become a super hero or villain! Create an origin for yourself and enjoy life in this building/survival game!
It's not a fuck up. We pay our coders a lot of money and consistently at that. In fact we have the right team now and we're updating every day.

The fact that your bruised butthurt made it all the way here tells me that you're obscure than a mf right now. I mean clearly you know i won't quit and i'm succeeding right now as we speak... Accept it.. this is happening but i'll be sure to let you play all you want just to hear you bitch in AHC about how some big buff brute keep laying you out repeatedly xD
Dude, Mag. The fuckin' hairs don't even sit on the kid icon properly. You DIE of exhaustion as soon as you spawn in. You're telling me that this is intentional?
Lol our coders would find what you just said laughable. We have high quality systems in coding you can't find anywhere else now. Legitly when I say that we are far superior than we have ever been I mean that without a shred of bluffing involved.

If I were to give you advice it'd be to give up.. We arent going anywhere and now we have funding to fund top notch coders. Every day we update with massive additions and we have brand new material. While you spend time begging me to quit I'm forming my files into something that is so solid its validity can't be questioned. Our new systems are ridiculously detailed and efficient. Roll over already.
Hey just wanted to see if Skills are fully functional, if so I have a bug. Learned blast by self and tried to use, but never showed on my abilities, so i tried a macro and got errors. If skills arent completely functional yet i can understand
Hey there, just wanted to know when will the month change be fixed? and the rating bugg, because my rating seems to stay at zero the entire time. Or is this just like a beta version of the actual game?
I'll have those fixed momentarily.
Literally just stumbled on this again. Is the game still running regularly? I'd love to play again.
Yes it is indeed. The game is moving with highly potent updates every day!
wheres the discord, old link dont work

Join and invite your friends!
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