The Beta Bugs forum is for reporting issues with beta versions (if one is currently active), or beta features like the webclient.

Please include the full version in the "BYOND Version" field, both the major and minor builds. Choose Other... from the list and then enter the full version info.

It is also often very helpful to know what version the bug started appearing in.

For filling in the "Applies to" field, here's a quick checklist:
  • Does this bug involve the compiler? If so, it's a Dream Maker bug.
  • Is this bug about the webclient, whether at the client or server end of things? It's a Webclient bug.
  • Does this bug involve the server? If so, it's Dream Daemon.
  • Is this a bug that only affects clients playing the game? If so, it's Dream Seeker.
  • Are you not sure if it's the server or client? If you host the game in Dream Daemon and then join it, that should tell you. But you can usually post these as Dream Daemon bugs; more often than not they're on the server end, unless it's something obviously client-related like gliding or a problem with the way the map is drawn.
  • Is it something with the pager? Then it's a BYOND Pager bug.
  • It's unlikely any bug could be filed under DM Language.
  • Website bugs don't go in this forum; please post them in Bug Reports.

Demos are almost always helpful for finding a bug. If you can distill the problem down to a simple test case, it usually greatly accelerates the process of fixing the problem. However, it is important that your demo include full source, not just the .dmb and .rsc files.