It's been a big week for 512 fixes. Build 1390 got delayed a little bit by a few other issues that came up, but that came out Wednesday, and then a few new bug reports prompted further quick-fix builds both yesterday and today.

Operator overloading got kind of messed up in 1390 in a couple of ways, and that should finally be settled now. I also got in a last-minute fix to an issue where images and filters didn't interact properly; and in seeing that I realized there's a bit of code refactoring I need to get to in that section, which I'll probably get to in 512.1393. This also highlighted a potential crasher related to a fix in an earlier build, so hopefully that undocumented fix in 1392 will stabilize games that have had any issues.

Otherwise I'm still waiting on a few bug reports, and I've been doing various behind-the-scenes work on other stuff. The reference got a little more work in, to improve its behavior in some browsers and also improve its navigation behavior--which is better, but not 100% where I want it. Suffice it to say the browser history object and how it interacts with iframes is a pain.

Webclient work has been proceeding well. I did a fairly major refactor on that because I wasn't happy with the design of the Appearance class I had made--namely that it contained an inner class called AppearanceCore that most of the work. This may have saved some time when cloning the object for animation purposes and whatnot, but I think the effort of dealing with the separate core object was probably a lot worse, so it made sense to simplify all that. The main items to add to the webclient of course are the new screen_loc stuff, filters, and visual contents (and PIXEL_SCALE).

Today is Friday the 13th! Try not to think about the fact that a maniac could be standing right behind you with a knife. He or she may or may not be wearing a mask that looks like a politician, and whether it's one with an undead career or an entirely active one, I'll leave it to you which is scarier. Also this counts as a clown, so you know, double trouble. But again, don't think about them or the knife they could be holding like a quarter inch from the back of your neck.

PS: Ghosts and clowns are deterred by supporting worthy causes like BYOND, so become a Member if you haven't yet, for good luck.