Event Oct 24 2017, 5:00 pm
to Oct 30 2017, 10:00 pm
(originally posted to the Feed Discord)

Howdy, Feeders!

This is just a heads up that Feed's public Halloween event is set to begin in one week on Tuesday, October 24th! It's been quite a crunch to meet the deadlines and there will likely be some updates and fixes/tweaks that get implemented after the event has already started. The event will run from October 24th until 12:00AM EST, October 31st. I just have to say that I'm both incredibly excited and overwhelmingly nervous to the point of anxiety. This will be the first extensive stress test to date and be the longest the game was hosted continuously. This event is also the first time Feed will be openly available to the public. It's a big milestone for us and I'm so grateful that all of you wonderful people have joined us on this ride so far. You're the gas to our car. <3

That said, be prepared for; a massive, brand new map! dynamic map progression! zone-specific enemy spawning! multiple new weapons! an assortment of fancy new graphic effects! even more stuff!

We're excited to share this with you and i hope you're excited to play it with us and spend your halloween week annihilating Feeders and devastating your way to the top of the global leaderboards!

Until then,
- Kumorii / Unwanted4Murder

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Ghost of ET wrote:
Howdy. <3

Server will go live approximately 7pm est, and will remain online through Halloween night, in one week(time flies, right?!). We will likely be continuing to update and tweak the game throughout the event. This is the first time Feed has been online for consecutive days to an open audience so some hiccups are expected.

Just a recap, if you're not familiar with the basics of Feed, I encourage you to check out this thread from April! Mind you, much has changed since that thread, but the basic premise is the same. Classes and map progression are two big brand new features introduced in this event along with multiple save slots, a couple bosses, and a handful of weapons, and lots more!

we have a couple mini events planned throughout the event and we will of course be keeping a close eye on who will take the title of Global Feed Champion. A coveted title currently held by a 'Hunky Bravo' with 932 Kills at Wave 21!

More details tomorrow!
We're running a little behind schedule in light of some server hangups, but we'll be going live within the hour! (:
We spent the better part of the first two days fighting with fixes and server headaches, but things are finally stabling out! That's what betas are for, right? (^;

You can download Feed's launcher here [google drive].

Please report any bugs and leave any suggestions or criticisms below or on Feed's forum. Happy Feeding!