This week's development news is short, because development was short. The short story behind that is that I had to attend to a family medical emergency this week. Everything's going a lot better now, but the situation drove a bulldozer through my development plans.

I've been pushing forward on some bug reports as I have the time, but as time has been messed up for me this week, that means I still have a few things on my plate to look at that need a greater allotment of time to sit down and analyze. I'm getting to them, I promise.

Earlier in the week I made good progress on the webclient. The new screen_loc stuff has partial support there, and now there's partial filter support--meaning I have blur and motion_blur working, plus animations, but I still need to add the remaining filters. Fun fact: It turns out WebGL's version of GLSL is picky to the point of asininity about certain things in shader language.

It's not going too bad, all things considered, but that's all I've got for news this week.

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