Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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This is a feature that had been requested many years ago. I figured now is a good time to resuggest it, now that filter syntax exists.

var/obj/O = some object
var/obj/U = another object

O.filters = filter(type = "mask", mask = U)

This would alpha mask O to U. Essentially, their alpha channels are multiplied when drawing O.

Ideally this would work with the same positions as these objects when drawn on the screen.

However, I would also settle for a /icon as the mask, with additional parameters for x and y offsets; it would functionally be very similar.

That would look like this:
var/obj/O = some object
var/icon/I = some mask icon

O.filters = filter(type = "mask", x = 20, y = -5, mask = I)