Hello Readers! Halloween is right around the corner, and I've got my double seven Within BYOND charm ready, hoping to repel any creepy minions that are lurking around! Alright, not really, as some of the best games BYOND have legions of creepy creatures and environments. Let's find out what treats (or tricks!) developers around BYOND have been talking about!


It's good to hear that everything is going better for BYOND Developer Lummox JR after a family medical emergency that threw a wrench into his dev-time last week. The Webclient is playing catch up with Dream Seeker in the filters and screen_loc departments. Dream Seeker has had a handful of its own stink bugs squashed (Really, those pests seem to be everywhere this year), and the web reference has had its share of work done also.


Spires of Agartha has made its arrival this past week! The roleplaying successor to Eternia has seen a large response, and is currently unavailable while issues are being shone up, but I've seen player numbers well over 200. Hopefully everyone had fun building their homes and roleplaying, The game will be back in a few weeks after midterms are over! Check out their Discord tab for up-to-date details.

After straightening out some wrinkles, Godsring has begun working on Allied Nations: Fantasy, a real-time survival game. Big changes have been made to the classic interface and the map. Be sure to keep your units well rested, as overworking them without proper sleep is now deadly. NPC can also bust down doors and walls, so watch out! Plenty of bug fixes and optimizations have been made as well.

The great big Feed Halloween event is officially underway! This represents not only the longest period of time that the game has been available to play, but is also the first time the game is openly available for the public to check out. In celebration, a series of new features have been added to the round-based monster survival game. The map opens to new areas as the rounds progress and new weapons can be found. Who will be the next Feeder Leader?

The first four chapters of Transcend have been released! Files are available to download for those who subscribe to the adventure game that details the journey from our physical world to the spirit world. Exentriks Gaming ups the ante with a series of screen captures, covering the fantastic aesthetics of the game.

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  • Ready for an experimental resource? Chaoko99 shares how to increase Dream Daemon's maximum memory usage. Use at your own risk!
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