Rp Radio CE - Custom Edition

by Mista-mage123
Rp Radio CE - Custom Edition
Create your own text-based roleplays, using the power of an RPG Battle System!
More info at thread: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Sega_Sonic_Corp/topic/30383884/ 1/?x=0#post10012138

Preliminary patchnotes:
*Added new skilltypes 'Math','Math2','CopyVar','CopyVar2','CopyText','CopyText2'. See the thread for more details on these powerful functions
*Added new inflict 'winset: CONTROL&CONTROLVARS' and 'winset2: CONTROL&CONTROLVARS', lets you make inflicts which edit a player's interface, perhaps to add some visual element'
*Added new variables for hosts to use, which reset to default state upon starting a battle. battlenum1,battlenum2,battlenum3,battlestr1,battlestr2,battl estr3,battlelist1
*Many text-based skills like 'SetText' 'ListSearch' 'CompareText' now support complex text searches, that can check for variables by both the player and a targeted enemy.
*The custom amount in the inflict var, for instance, inflict=Minor Burn;ATK, the number after the semi-colon is now capable of the same precise/exact mathematical calculations as the new Math/Math2 skilltypes
*Artifacts and Passiveskills are now list-type edits, and support large amounts of data
*In backup/guardian type skills, when dmglist is specified, the damages specified in the damagelist can now accept calculations.
*Added new passive skill 'No Card Draw (Passive)' for hosts utilizing the card-based battle system, and added a new server setting 'TBB Turn Accuracy' to change the server performance of turn-based speed calculations.
*Fixed battlesystems not saving through server resets
*FPS Informance increased in all servers