by Ter13
Fast, simple, abstract 47-state autojoining library
BYOND Version:5.12.1393
Operating System:Windows 10 Home
Web Browser:Chrome 61.0.3163.100
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
When attempting to create an instance with swapmaps, an error occurs.
I'm presently using Lummox JR's SwapMaps and Pop Lava's Map Cloning
Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
Map Cloning is essentially an extension to Swap Maps with a few useful functions for cloning maps, as the name suggests.

When the world is created via New(), the
Code Snippet (if applicable) to Reproduce Problem:
..() //not having this seems to break any autotiles that are placed after the world is made.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:
this happens for each location that is populated from (1,1,2) to (19,1,2)
runtime error: undefined variable /var/autotile_rule
proc name: UpdateAutotile (/turf/proc/UpdateAutotile)
source file:,99
usr: null
src: Grass (1,1,2) (/turf/Grass)
call stack:
Grass (1,1,2) (/turf/Grass): UpdateAutotile(null, null)
Grass (1,1,2) (/turf/Grass): New(Grass (1,1,2) (/turf/Grass))
/swapmap (/swapmap): AllocateSwapMap()
/swapmap (/swapmap): New("smallhouse1", null, null, null)
Proc InitMaps()
world: New()

additionally, each location also produces an error:
runtime error: undefined variable /var/autotile_rule
proc name: UpdateAutotile (/turf/proc/UpdateAutotile)
source file:,99

Does the problem occur:
Every time?Yes.
In other games? N/A
In other user accounts? Yes.
On other computers?N/A

When does the problem NOT occur?
When Proc_InitMaps() isn't called, however, in that case, it's not possible duplicating SwapMaps.