Poll: Preferred PC game control scheme

IJKL 0% (0)
WASD 65% (23)
Arrows 17% (6)
Numpad 8% (3)
Click to move 0% (0)
Gamepad 5% (2)
Other 2% (1)

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This really depends a lot on what the rest of the control scheme is. If there are a lot of other letter keys involved in actions, then I prefer being able to move with arrows/numpad. If most other things are controlled with the mouse or just another key or two, then I want WASD. If I was a lefty, I'd probably want arrows with the mouse though.
Depends on the kind of game for me.

Roguelikes, I like numpad, because the whole keyboard is hotkeys.

For MMOs, I like to be able to juggle between WASD, arrows, and the mouse.

For games that involve a lot of inventory management, I prefer WASD and mouse.

Otherwise, it's pretty much all gamepad.

click to move depends on the genre. It works well in strategy games and iso games, but not much elsewhere.
If it's a 2d game I don't see why you would limit the movement to WASD or arrows and not give the option to use either or.

The only exception, IMO, is if the player is controlling a camera. If that's the case then an option to have 1 reserved for movement and another for changing camera angles would be nice. even then usually the mouse is used to change angles
I'm not into WASD, because I recently bought myself a laptop with AZERTY keyboard, so unless there is an option to change it, I'm screwed.

Edit: Recently being 1 year ago.
Yeah, but even so, the letters on the keys remain, though the keyboard is then english. Makes for some very confusing gameplay.

I remember cheating my way through Morrowind, opening the console only to end up playing a "guess the key" game for my cheats.
Yea but u don't need to look at ut keyboard lol