Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
Minor updates to classic DMO. View in tag team wasn't working properly. Minor other fixes.

Major updates in the alpha. This update continued a complete overhaul of the UI to allow support of lower resolutions. It's not ideal but it should provide the basics for now.
Converted the database to properly store decks, rather than jamming them in deck codes. Not something players will notice but it will enable faster transfer along with potential features later on.

This update is the first step towards a new rule set. The game will implement the same rules from Duel Links (the mobile game). I believe this is a far more interesting meta and works well for DMO. Life points start at 4000, decks are 20-30 cards, starting hand is four cards, main phase 2 is skipped.
A lot of cards are also banned in this rule set such as Pot of Greed. The hope is that it will inspire some new interesting themed decks.

The classic rules will still be available but will not be accessible until the deck system is finished, where you're able to change the rules of your deck(like Shadow in previous games). However, I wanted to avoid splitting the players into two modes again; so this is still up for discussion.

I've added a few new cards to this update although I don't recall what they are. Shard of Greed and Twister were added to start to cover the lack of staples. I want to slowly build the game up before adding a lot of cards since players aren't interested in the current state.

Ideally, the game will be fully webclient compatible in the near future but this hinges on BYOND bugs unfortunately.

I was about to close the game down last week but it appears there are still a few people playing so I've been inspired to do a few updates and keep the servers running for now.
Thanks for this kaijka. People are coming back to it and even some new ones. It will pick up steam again. Thanks for fixing tag. I'm glad we got that. Some shadow cards still don't work but thanks for this update.
If you bring back the battle royale system ill be 24/7 online
Awesome job Kajika. Long live DMO!
In response to BoTisHerE
battle royal? You mean tournaments? If you do he will bring it back soon as more people log on. At least he has said he will activate tournaments then.
battle royal=1v1v1,2v1,3v1,1v1v1v1
In response to BoTisHerE
I think he got it working now.