Hello Readers! I can safely say that this year's Election Day ballot was considerably less headache inducing than last years, with the typical uncontested local elections and straight vote judicial positions. The lone ballot question was effectively meaningless, and I left a handful of write-in only positions blank. But now let's check out the elections made by BYOND developers, the kinds that actually result in action!

The results of Super Sayian X's Mak Gam in a Day developer's contest are finally in, with Yut Put, D4RK3 54B3R, and Falcon lazorz taking the top three spots, respectively! Congratulations to the participants, judges, and their host for a successful game development contest!

What's in a Name, Seemingly, is the question posted by the upcoming short term developer's challenge, where participants are given three days to create a full-fledged game using a unique topic. This is a closed registration challenge, so jump in now, before registration closes and development begins on early Friday morning.


Lummox JR has been hard at work closing up a number of issues that have cropped up in the beta version of BYOND 512 these past two weeks. Just today, a series of fixes were released, include a challenging fix for the new chaining operators (Also, anyone using the new chaining operators should upgrade and recompile their code) and a few fixes to filters. While he's not fixing up Dream Seeker, he's bringing the Webclient up to par, and writing a sequel for NaNoWriMo.


Spires of Agartha is back and appears to be stable! Now that performance fixes are less demanding, building options have been on the to-do list, with lots of items being added and characters can now select their own spawn locations. Lore wise, the Homeland Calls are currently being written by faction leaders, and the rules of engagement have been posted on their Discord channel.

Avidanimefan has announced reoccurring weekend testing of Kage: Rise of the Tengu in hopes to get player feedback and patch up some bugs. The latest update features evasive ninpos, and some variations in village folk. Those interested in checking out the ninja adventure game should keep their eyes on the hub. It could be live as soon as Friday.

X-ShinraTensei-X has issued a call for users interested in alpha testing Densetsu no machi Roleplay! Those who are interested in trying out the medieval aged roleplaying game should contact him via pager message, before the darkness consumes the last remaining human city...

The Feed Team concluded their Halloween event, fixing tons of Feed bugs and other issues in the process! The leaderboards have been cleared again, after new records in kills and level progress were made by several, and new Feed clip has been unreeled. A Patreon has been set up to support the game, and rumor also has it, that the view port might be getting larger... or smaller...

Console, a unique and complex game centered around labs interacted with using a command line computer, has now been made open-sourced by the game's current curator, Nadrew!

Allied Nations is now at version 1.8 with many changes over the last two weeks. The real time survival game is feeling the effects of gravity, followers have an expiration date, guards have better job training, and the map has seen changes. Adding to that, many bugs have been squashed and performance tweaks have been made. In upcoming revisions, Godsring has plans to add in research features, while he does some digging of his own into modernizing the game's interface.

Download location issues aside, Kayren is looking to get some feedback on their latest project, Evosim. It appears to be an experiment in evolution. Start with a petri tray and examine chemicals, amino acids, and other incomprehensible strings of text to perhaps grow, evolve and divide your new strands of cells. Only the fittest cells will survive.

Ginseng is making progress in the super powered futuristic world of Psiforged! The latest news from that universe is the discovery of four ancient and rare artifacts. Zarberries enhance regenerations, Psi Shards give trait points, Psi Orbs increase mental prowess, and the Tesseract Matrix allows encumbering items to be transported easily. Thirty unique traits have also been added to the game.

Ganite is making good progress on his latest project (There was a good bit of information about the game, including the name in the comment's section of Within BYOND #77, but has since been deleted). After demonstrating some earthly skills a few weeks ago, non-combat skills got some attention, showing GIFS of spontaneous combustion fire building and carrot cultivating.

Bl4ck Adam is working on another project, this time an agricultural based one! Tree chopping and field plowing have been put on display, along with inventory management and item collecting.

Taint_thewizard's current project, Ethereal Kingdom, is ready for its first round of testing! The retro adventure game features turned based battles and exploration. Hopefully you'll find more than the runtimes I did.

After a single month of being discontinued, Falacy has brought Icon Share back, where users can upload custom made icons and download icons created by others.

Not much information on the project has been shared, but it would appear Flick is working on a thext based game. It seems to give off a survival theme, but perhaps that's just being in a forest at night.

Circuit has picked up development on Heroic lands, an adventure game. A current estimate for when version 2.0 will be released is pegged at a week or so.

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Thank you very much for the roundup Higoten, and congratulations to Yut Put, D4RK3 54B3R, and Falcon Lazorz.
Thanks for the mention. Looks like I'll have to get working on a proper manual so people actually know how it works.
Some info on my game (deleted and changed old info)

The game takes place in the fictional city of Magnolia which features a Dungeon which
contains an assortment of monsters from slimes,goblins, and more. Rank-A Adventurers can visit the dungeon to
defeat monsters and take their crystal shards, which are used to craft magic items and weapons. The people of Magnolia join Guilds
who fight over territories within the Dungeon and outside it. The adventurers are ranked from D to S rank increasing there level and ranks through certain achievements.

The 4 Guilds
-Dragon Emblem
Dragon Emblem is located in main streets of Magnolia. They are known for being the most renowned guild in Magnolia.
-Soaring Hawk
Soaring Hawk a guild found somewhere in the forest area outside of Magnolia known for..............
-Knights Brigade
Knights Brigade serves as a guild of trained knights controlled by Magnolia's magic council.
-Sprinting Wolf
Sprinting Wolf found deep within the mountains known for there...................
I don't think you're giving enough credit to the overwhelming #bluesweep this election, especially in Virginia. :)

ps it's about time you started calling us feedteam instead of only posting about individual progress (because Kumo does all the work and I like to take the credit)
Thanks for smashing me into the post here! Got some curious folks and testers so far!