Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
Bleach Las Noches - 2019 - Active Staff - BLN PVP
Welcome to Soul Society v2! Here are the rules that you should follow in-game and on Discord in order to have the best experience possible.

- No slurs or targeted harassment. Harmful language will be punished. This is a safe space for all players of all creeds.

- No explicit sexual content.

- No AFK training or use of external programs. This will result in the wipe of your character, and potentially a ban for future violations.

- Do not purposely abuse bugs or glitches in order to get an advantage over other players. Report the bugs in the #bug-reports channel on Discord.

- Be respectful. There's nothing wrong with some playful banter, but ultimately, everybody is here for the same reason.

- English only in OOC. BR chat tab coming soon!

- Don't spam or advertise other games in Soul Society.

- No edits are to be given to anyone, under any circumstance, other than to fix bugged characters.

- Report anything you feel breaks the rules to the @Gotei 13 (Staff) or @Enforcer groups on Discord.