by Exentriks Gaming
A single-player adventure series. Rated T for Teen.
The first update for TRANSCEND after the release of chapters 1-4, is out!

This update includes a major bug fix that was causing the game to crash in heavily animated parts of the game.

Along with this, I've also added some of the new BYOND 512 beta features.

I've also noticed that not a lot of people know about the game, or are unwilling to purchase it at the current price.

So in order to incentivize you, I've dropped the price a bit and here's a video of the combat in TRANSCEND:

Some more teasers:

I am also planning on releasing the first 2 chapters of Transcend for free for a limited time, so everyone can try it out. If you are interested, follow the game and stay tuned for updates!

My advice, is to take some money and approach an influencer about your game.

For Ex, ask metacritic to review your work. Their reach is much farther than the byond forums. :)

Contact as many people as you can, that will in turn get your game in front of many more eyes.
@AspireHer0- I agree with you. I am just looking for a bit of financial support from anyone who wants to help.

@Tantric1- Thank you very much! If you have any feedback on things that could be done better, now would be a great time.

@Avidanimefan- Maybe that is a good idea, but I am not really interested in that yet; I still think the game could use some more work.
byond needs more games like these. Great Job
Once in a while i come back to byond and see whats new. Can't help but support you with what you created in Byond so i bought the game for me and a for friend of mine on steam.

keep up the good work.