Naruto: New Regions

by Narutogx2
Naruto: New Regions
An Izou Based PVP Game Based Around Masashi Kishimoto's Creations, Naruto And Naruto Shippuden
If We Could Have 1 Thing In The Game, What Would U Want It To Be? lol Post Your Thoughts In The Comments
1 thing I personally want is an AI that is similar to Naruto's Shadow clones in the anime/manga. It can be like you summon your clones then you can click on a clone and a menu pops up. There can be like 5 or 6 options such as: follow, attack, distract enemy(It prevents the enemy from coming towards you. The clones will stand in front of jutsus and block taijutsu etc.), send message to someone(you input the message you want to send to someone, then the clone runs toward the target and when they are in front of the target they say the message then disappear), meditate(this is like so when your out of chakra, 0instead of resting, the clone disappears and it the amount of chakra it gathered) and destroy. Idk if you can do this but its worth a try. Oh and this shouldn't be for regular bunshin. This should be for clones from a forbidden scroll that has a 5% chance of spawning.
U Mean The Shadow Clones From The Forbidden Scroll Of Seals? lol
I Could Probably Do It, But It Would Take ALOT Of Time And Work, lol.
add Kurenai justu even tho its non canon

U Mean Her 1 Genjutsu Where She Trapped Itachi In A Tree? lol
i mean the ones the ppl with naruto use even tho they know they non canon -_-
U Know I'm Not Gonna Add Non-Canon Stuff.
Maybe more missions
Yes, And Its Already In Game, And Its Her Only Canon Jutsu. Try Playing The Game Before Commenting? lol.