Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Status: Open

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- Create a popup window when creating a character that explains any information pertaining secrets (followed by listing the things that are secret) can result in being banned.

- Do I even need to discuss this? Increased level requirement to get into his chamber or remove the player-induced wiping alltogether.

Quincy Emperor:
- Some sort of consequence on mass-aushwallen. An emp could destroy 27 players' save files at a moment's notice if he feels like it.

Sankt Bogen:
- Either increase the stamina cost or lower the damage. Slightly offputting how 9/10 weapons are made invalid because Sankt Bogen spam is simply better.

Gemischt Quincy:
- Increase cooldowns on all Ryuken techs (honestly kind of disgusting how hard you can spam them, let alone if you've got someone in a bind before doing so)

Sternritter X:
- Put X-axis on a cooldown and counter. Every 30 seconds you can make a shot using X-asis and once you've made 3 shots you can keep them open until you're considered out of combat. X now has his own Spirit Weapon (The wooly rifle) so X-axis doesn't become a spamfest with Rapid Bows.

Sternritter O:
- Change the boost so it only resets upon death. The amount of times I hear people about crashing O users so they become useless is actually rediculous.

Sternritter P:
- Grant a Muscle Mass technique that further increases their attack boost, but refrains them from using hirenhyaku due to being slowed down.

- Gain a unique vollstandig that works like Shikai/Resureccion, letting you assign the boost yourself. Micro-managing 3 stamina drains (Hiren, Bow and Voll) isn't worth it if walking around regularly without a boost makes you twice as effective even with 1/2 damage.

Minigun Spirit Weapon:
- Gets an arbitrary overlay infront of the user when firing it. In truth scans a line in front of the user while firing and instantly damages any creature it does find.

Tekken Spirit Weapon:
- Shorter attack delay? Bigger projectile? Faster projectile? I dunno, it's just trash as it is

Kurosaki Family(Gemischt Specific):
- Grants a pocketbow technique that automatically fires an arrow into the next creature to get within 1 tile of you.

Catnipp Family:
- Buff the boost they get. They're outshined by the Black family in every way possible.