Tried using 509, 511, and 512 for Byond.

Using the standard instructions provided via wine here: objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=29560

Everything works except for the pager when I attempt to login. After I have logged in, everything freezes and stays frozen, and I have to close down byond and rerun it.

This allows me to play games only as a guest.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Any workarounds, too, such as doing something that makes dreamseeker think the pager is running and logged in? Only need it so that I can enter games as something other than a guest.


Using Arch Linux


Something else acceptable would be if it were possible for me to run a really old version of the pager that works 100% in Wine, but still have access to the modern dreammaker and dreamseeker. I'd have little idea how to do this, though.

I found a nasty workaround!

Use Byond 509.1319.

When the pager loads, start up both the login prompt as well as the open location prompt. Login, and very, very quickly, choose your location in the open location prompt.


Follow this thread to install. Works for latest version. May need to install cabextract before following this in the newest version of Ubuntu.