<form action="byond://?" method="get">
Record to add: <input type=text name=emprecord>
Employee Score rating (0-10)(0=none): <input type="number" name=empscore min="0" max="10">
<input type=submit value="Add Record" choice=addrecord>

Problem description:
So beyond the lack of HTML to actually not make it look like shit. I'm trying to make the submit button 'submit' into calling its code, it won't. I have looked everywhere and all I find was people with the issue but no clear way of how this works..

I am using Topic(href, href_list) since thats how it works..
Href list is ["choice"], and addrecord is the bit that is supposed to be called.

Some help please?
Post your Topic proc.

Your action needs to call something Topic can understand.


This is DMCGI based, but should still be relevant.

I return, I've been trying to make it work but there are some weird things happening, the code works on my mostly empty project, but when inserting it into the game itself, it no longer works and the button is useless.

                dat += {"
<b>Name: </b>
<b>Occupation: </b>
<div class='left'><b>Number of Records:</b>
[profiled.CharRecords.employee_records.len]</div><div class='right'><h3>Employee Grade: [round(profiled.CharRecords.employeescore, 0.01)]</h3></div><br>
<b>Adding Character Record</b><br>
<form method="get" action="byond://?">
<input type="hidden" name="forms" value="addrecordform">
<b>Record to add:</b> <input type="text" name="emprecord"><br>
<b>Employee Score rating (0-10)(0=none):</b> <input type="number" name="empscore" min="0" max="10"><br>
<civ class='right'><input type="submit" value="Add Record"></div>

// dat += "<A href='?src=\ref[src];choice=addrecord'>Add Record</A>"
dat += {"

And the code in Topic()
        if(href_list["forms"]) //Mostly for the new forms

I'm not sure how I fucked this up, but then again there is really poor documentation on how to do this the proper way. (Your 1st link explains nothing about forms and how to use them, the 2nd is an unanswered question and the 3rd was of some help but again didn't work.)