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Hey all. Just curious if there is a cloud based sharing software that'll work with DM and allow multiple users to work on a code simultaneously, or all a source code to be worked on while outside of the office.

Thanks all for the help
Git / GitHub

You might want to research a bit more, I have a strong feeling you don't know what you're really talking about..
Well, yes... it is why I asked if something along those lines existed. Implying that I do not know what I am talking about on the topic.

I downloaded GitHub. Are there any guides in order to use it with Dream Maker?
Yeah what you're looking to use is a Git Repository.

GitHub is okay, but personally I prefer using GitLab for hosting repositories because it's a little more user-friendly and allows you to make private repositories without having to pay for it.

For client-end handling of local forks you can use a variety of different programs, but for the sake of simplicity I'd encourage a GUI Git program. GitHub has one, however I like to use GitKraken. It has a better presentation for showing commit history and fork versions.

There's a whole assortment of tutorials out there for setting up a git repository and it works the same with DM as it would anything else. It can be pretty confusing at first but eventually you'll git it. (:
Thank you for the help! I was able to setup the repository and got it all working. Thank you for the recommendations
Dropbox is also very productive and effective in that area.
Personally, I use TortoiseSVN coupled with Google Cloud.

I use it for BYOND and work. Never had any major issues. GitHub is great too.
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Anime HQ wrote:
Dropbox is also very productive and effective in that area.

Honestly, Dropbox is only ideal for single-contributor projects. Even then it's moreso only backing up your source. It lacks version and branch control and if you have multiple people working on a project in dropbox, you're gonna be spending *a lot* of time sorting out conflicted files.