Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Applies to:In-Game
Status: Resolved (3.10)

This issue has been resolved.
Once reaching level 425, and getting Royal Guard (If that is what you choose), there are a couple things that I have in mind that might help becoming an Royal Guard member more worth it.

First of all, if a player gets Royal Guard, and they get Spring Demon for example. Suppose they remake, or SS. They should be STRIPED from that ability, and their name should not show as a Royal Guard member in the rankings anymore. It's unfair because if that players name is kept in the rankings, holding the Spring Demon position. Another upcoming player who is about to be a Royal Guard Member, won't have a chance of getting that ability. To add to that, only 4 other players can now become Royal Guard Members. This can be troublesome because it can possibly leave out an active player, who has trained hard to become an Royal Guard Member, to know a player who is not able to play the game anymore due to X amount of reasons, is holding one of Royal Guard positions.

Also, some of the Royal Guard abilities need to be better. From what I know of, Weaving seems to be the weakest of them all. In the manga, Senjumaru Shutara had so many useful abilities. Her soldiers did way more in the manga then they do in this game. Once you summon the Weaving Soldiers, and command them to "protect" yourself, another player or even an NPC. They go to who ever is targeted, move around in circles, and end up killing each off. In addition, they're also very weak.

In conclusion, I don't know if there is anything wrong with the other Royal Guard abilities. I have heard that Grain needs a buff, and Monk as well. Please take a look at them, and buff/fix where is needed. Other than that, that is all. Thank you for your time.
I'm partial to being dotted over striped myself.
DragonWingRayne resolved issue