EvoSim Early Alpha

by Kayren
Unicellular life simulator
Well, it's been some time, so let me show you that I wasn't sleeping all along:

[ADDED] Pause verb to stop world tick
[ADDED] Promoters grid and epigenetic effects(euchromatine -> heterochromatine)(currently impossible due to lack of a motif that would methylate it)
[ADDED] Membrane integrity lifebar, for oxydative stress and future uses, such as maybe viruses
[ADDED] New RNA Binder motif to increase motif diversity(yes, one more...)(Accessible and coded function, but untested)
[ADDED] DNA Binding domains like zinc fingers and HMGb as well as trans-activation domains to further control genetic expression.
[ADDED] Rossmann Fold Motif for future uses in catalytic functions such as dehydrogenases(Accessible, but no coded function)
[ADDED] Possibility to force the game to give random genes promoters (can cause massive havoc though)
[ADDED] Game lobby, player and petridish settings window. (WITH PRESET SAVE FUNCTION!)
[ADDED] Updating the guide up to the ribozyme part(it is packaged with the game file)
[FIXED] Some verbs and procs not copying genes correctly.
[FIXED] Windowupdate procs not refreshing grids entirely.
[TWEAKED] Added some more properties that are used in peptidic residues to be able to better define consensus sequences.
[TWEAKED] Cut as much code out of the transcription loop. Slightly enhanced performance, maybe.
[TWEAKED] Overhauled the compartment menu, so that it doesn't refresh all compartments but only the one shown (cutting 2 loops and a lot of obj stored in grids)
[TWEAKED] The turf interface updates on moving.
[TWEAKED] The Senescence Counter(or rather death counter) is now harsher in order to eliminate nonviable cells

So for now, my next goal for the next version is to find a way to add those epigenetic effects completely, add in retrotranscription and possibly start working on viruses, though that will be complicated. Like, real complicated.