Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Status: Resolved

This issue has been resolved.
After coming back, and playing this wipe, I realized going Shinigami and getting Vaizard is a bad thing in most cases. Before, like 1-3 years ago, it was almost a MUST to go Vaizard, because of the wonderful boost it had on your character. The boost, and the additional powers it gave you, gives you a chance to go toe to toe with most races or builds that may be more over powered than yours. But now, once you go Vaizard, or accidentally get an inner hollow, your boost are complete trash for the most part. It will eventually make people not wanting to go Vaizard, or getting worried if they're accidentally going to get an inner hollow.

I'm not requesting for Shinigami's to get a tremendous boost if they achieve Vaizard, because I know Shinigami's have wide varieties of skills to where getting Vaizard is not really a must anymore. As well as the recent balancing I'm seeing. But what I'm requesting, is there to be a little bit more love shown to Shinigami's who end up getting Vaizard.
DragonWingRayne resolved issue