Lost Saiyans Reborn

by YugiMotou111
{Rule Enforcer} Trimble OOC: It feels good to walk in this land again
The year was 2009. We had little worries of terrorism or troubles, our young minds were intelligent with a peak. Technology was on the rise, we didn't have a care in the world. In fact, we were lazy children. The only thing we cared about was going to BYOND, coming on our favorite game called Lost Saiyans by ForgottenNinja0 (Rest in Peace Forgy). We leveled up and strived to be the best, we trolled each other and had nothing but absolute fun. Dicked around, when the tough got tough we all got together and fought. New players and old, I welcome you the ressurection of Lost Saiyans by YugiMotou111.
This game should of stayed lost
Just keep the game down. The more superior game Mystic Worlds has returned.
I was an OG player. Loved my man Trimble. (My name was TrimbleJr) Bring this shit back! I miss leaving my shitty computer on all night to level up. Hell Iíll leave my computer on all night to host this bitch if itís too much of a pain!